Yep! I walked majority of the route of the PAU Ilocos Norte Pasuquin to Pagudpud (P2P) Ultramarathon.
There were 125 of us who started in front of the Municipal Hall of Pasuquin. All were excited as we exchanged our morning greetings. Good friend and team mate Topher Montaos, MD led us in our prayer.

Photo courtesy of DCallanta
I was not in my 100%. I was diagnosed with meniscal tear on my right knee, and my left knee is experiencing ITBS since the Rexona Run. I only have a simple goal for this race, which is to finish. To remind me of my condition, I brought with me my camera. And so, I walked 1 km then ran the next kilometer.
But that only lasted until km 17, where my ITBS on my left started nagging me, and left me with no choice but to walk the rest of the route.

Photo courtesy of JVargas
In my solitude, I feel God’s presence while I enjoy the sights offered by the route. I was praying, reflecting, praising and glorifying God all the time.
I didn’t mind being the sweeper. I am confident that I will finish the race, with God’s grace.

Km 20 Checkpoint with the Race Director
Sir Jovie Narcise aka Bald Runner

Reaching Burgos, I finally saw some of my friends in the battle. We checked each other, and carried on.

Burgos Lighthouse

The climb going to the Burgos Lighthouse brought some pain on my ITBS. And the uphill/downhill route going to Kapurpurawan Rocks was worsening my condition.

Meeting our support crew, I changed to my Mizuno Wave Ascend 4 (review on my next post), and put on my LP knee support.

Start & finish of the 8 kilometer trail episode

On my way, good friend Doc Art accompanied me and helped me finish this trail episode. I overtook him after passing Burgos Lighthouse. When he learned that I was in pain, he hurried to catch me at the trails, to give me a pain reliever.

Doc Art

Doc Art, Ayette, Jimmy, and myself
It was already noon when we got out of the trails. After taking our lunch, I changed back to my road cushioning shoes.
Approaching Bangui Windmills, I started overtaking some runners. This surprised me for I was walking since km 17, and I experienced my second wind.

The windmills may have energized me

Trails again??


I then saw team mate Nonong, and told him to join me in my walk. We exchanged stories along the way, and kept each other awake.
With Nonong
Photo courtesy of JVargas

Approaching Pagudpud, Nonong slowed down, and I carried on. I was already tired, but I kept on walking. Rain started to pour while I traverse the zigzagging route. Reaching the town, the skies cleared, but the sun was already setting. Bad news for someone with poor vision.

It was getting dark, and I’m having problems seeing the directional signs going to the finish line. Worst is that electricity was fluctuating, that agitates me, for fear of getting lost.

Good thing fellow runners who finished ahead of me and who are heading back to Laoag gave me directions to the finish line.

It was already pitch black when I reached Saud. At the last bend, I was welcomed by loud cheers from fellow Takbo.ph team mates and was directed towards the finish line. Finally, I saw the familiar “PAU Finish Line” lying on the floor, and cheers from fellow runners and friends greeted me.

I survived and enjoyed 70k of Ilocos Norte in 13:57:40 (official).

I praise and thank God for everything! Thanks to all who shared the experience with me.



11 thoughts on “UltraWALKing PAU P2P 65k (+5k)

  1. Congratulations Jet! Grabe ka ka adddcit tumakbo! I admire your great determination! God truly blessed you with strength all the way! Praise God!- Bro J


  2. Bro. Jet,

    It was a nice, unforgettable experience! I'm happy to have shared travelling kms. with you. Unfortunately we missed the lechon 😉

    Ray Abenojar


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