When I got my pair last July, I immediately checked the race schedule for the nearest trail adventure date. Sad that none was available for the remainder of July, and August.
But when I heard that a portion of the PAU P2P route will pass through a trail, I got excited and brought my Mizuno Wave Ascend 4 for its long overdue trail trial.
For a quick break-in, I wore the pair as I travel from Manila to Laoag. I also wore the pair the following day, as we prepare for the race day.
Come race day, at exactly km30 of the route, we were directed to the trails that lead to Kapurpurawan Rocks. Before I proceed, I met my support team and changed my shoes.
Oh boy, I was prepared! I was dressed for the occasion hahaha =)

Start of the trail to Kapupurawan Rocks

Stairs leading to Rock ‘n Roll

A few meters more to amazing

Bridge over serene water

My feet are super dry even after this episode!

I was so happy with my Mizuno Wave Ascend 4. The pair helped me survive the trail. It gave me the much needed support. The fit and flexibility are superb! I never slipped on my way, and it was very easy to accelerate whenever you feel like revving up (too bad I was injured, so I contend myself to brisk walk).
It was about noontime during the trail episode, and yet my feet are like “breathing”, thus, no blisters!
I look forward to my next trail adventure with my Mizuno Wave Ascend 4.
Credits: Some photos courtesy of DRavanzo aka Running Pinoy.

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