A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, a warrior fought his battles with skills he only learned through available references. He was experiencing victories, and further developed his skills one battle after another. He was scarred and got defeated once, but was quick to pick himself up and carry on with the battles ahead of him.
The warrior
Until one day, in a battle he dreamed and prepared, this warrior suffered a major blow, that almost made him surrender. His indefatigable spirit endured him to fight till the end, where friends and family welcomed him like a victor.
The warrior then took some rest as advised by mystic lords. But he was suffering more by not engaging in battle and watching from the sidelines.
He attempted a come back. He emerged victorious, however, his scar from his previous battle only worsened, that called for a longer healing period.
He resorted to learn new skills, to continue participating in battles, even in a different capacity. He experienced a different kind of victory in an all new world, but that didn’t mask his longing to return to the world he first loved.
The warrior traveled some million light years, to meet a legendary Jedi. Their meeting was pleasant, and gave hope to the warrior. The Jedi shared some knowledge, to which the warrior listened with avid interest. The warrior applied the new knowledge, and had nothing but raves for the discovery.
The warrior wants to submit himself as apprentice to the Jedi Master. Hope he earns his lightsaber soon.
The legendary Jedi Master is BORED

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