My inbox is boring!  I usually receive the same stuff: bills, receipts, bank statements, credit card statements, etc.
But last weekend, I was happy to receive something different.
May 2011 issue of MultiSport Philippines

 I usually get my copy from sport shops in the Metro.  And I’m learning so many things about health and wellness, running, biking, and swimming.

Just the right info I need.
(BLC mode ON!)

I can hear you calling my name, baby!

This info will come in handy soon…
I wanna TRI before I reach 40.

Hey hey hey! Well, hello there my friends!

Its so easy to get a FREE copy of MultiSport Philippines delivered to your doorstep.  Simply call [02] 4038825 local 221 or email multisport@hip.ph to give your mailing info and pay the monthly delivery fee of P10 for 12 months (or P120).  Yes, you only pay the delivery fee, and its only P10 per copy!

Thanks MultiSport Philippines!


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