Hello!  Welcome to my new blog site!  Finally, I have my own domain and hope I could keep up on sharing my learnings through writing.

I’m sure you also noticed my logo which I launched early 2015.  It has my initials, JP, figured as 2 wrenches forming the number 8. It symbolizes my unending desire to learn and share.

You will mostly read here information about races happening in the Philippines, my training experiences, some product reviews, and a few articles about fitness lifestyle.

My fitness journey began in February 2008 when I weighed 90.6 kgs.  I signed up for gym membership and committed to diet and exercise.  Come October 2008, I lose 11.5 kgs and felt great shopping and wearing smaller clothes.

I was introduced to running and ran my first 5k last March  22, 2009 in a race that was then known as Condura Run.   I was so happy and continued running longer distances — 10k, 16k, half-marathon, marathon, and ultra-marathons (50k, 70k, 102k).

In the course of training, my running friends were slowly transitioning to multi-sport and I, somehow, got interested to learn a new sport as a means to cross-train.  In December 2009, I joined my friends for my very first serious swimming session.

As I continue to log running mileage, I injured my knees in June 2010 and had difficulty finishing a happy run.  Training time was slowly reducing and I had to address it by embracing another sport — swimming.  I enrolled in Aqualogic Swim Co in August 2010 to formally learn technical swimming.


Learning how to swim furthered my interest in multi-sport.  In the process, I joined several small aquathlon (swim + run) events organized by friends.

Multi-sport continued to bug me.  I bought my first road bike in July 2011 and joined my first duathlon in November 2011.  It was tough that I wasn’t able to finish it.  The experience didn’t stopped me.  It even fuelled the desire that I have to achieve something extraordinary.

I joined and finished my first triathlon in December 2011.  The feeling of crossing the finish line was… DIFFERENT!  I accomplished something that I just can’t describe.  That led me to joining and finishing longer triathlon distances, and I successfully finished Ironman 70.3 in Cebu last 2013, and again in 2014.

My fitness journey is not yet over.  I now face a very daunting challenge of regaining my good state of health and wellness.  Training started to take a back seat when I moved to a new career last October 2010.  I slowly gained weight in the process.  I am now 95 kgs.

I have done it.  I will do it again!!!  Join me in my journey and happy reading!


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